2010_feature film CIRKUS COLUMBIA, Slovenia-France-Belgium-Great Britain-Germany-Bosnia and
Herzegovina co-production
         _5-part feature film SOME OTHER STORIES, Croatia-Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Macedonia-Slovenia-Ireland co-production
         _feature film JUST BETWEEN US, Slovenia-Croatia-Serbia co-production
2007_feature film TEAH, Slovenia-Poland-Denmark-Croatia co-production
2008_documentary film BACHELORS, Slovenian production
2005_feature film WARCHILD, Slovenia-Germany co-production 
2005_feature film TWO FOR THE GAME, Croatia-Slovenia co-production
2004_feature film WELL TEMPERED CORPSES, Slovenia-Bosnia and Herzegovina- France-Italy-Germany co-production
2003_feature film SHADOWS OF TIME, Austria-Slovenia-USA co-production
2002_feature film 11-09-01, producer of Danis Tanovic’s story, France production
2001_feature film LILLY'S STORY, France-Greece-Slovenia co-production
2000_feature film NO MAN'S LAND, France-Slovenia-Italy-Belgium-Great Britain co-production
1999_9 parts documentary serial TRUTHS ABOUT WINE, produced and directed by Dunja Klemenc
         _short documentary film LOST FORMULA OF JANEZ PUHAR, executive producer
1998_40-minute film CHRISTMAS TALE, producer
1987-1998_films done as producer at TV Slovenija, Head of Children's Programme Department (Dunja Klemenc):
         _2x13 episodes of ANIMAL TALES, directed by Mirza Idrizović           
        _5-part feature serial MY FRIEND ARNOLD, directed by Boris Jurjaševič            
        _feature film for youth PETER AND PETRA, directed by Franci Arko        
        _5-part feature serial FRIENDS OF THE 5th GRADE, directed by Boris Jurjaševič
        _feature for youth SYMPOSIUM, directed by Anton Tomašič
        _5 part feature serial WAITAPU, directed by Zoran Lesič
1988_feature film MARIA FIGHTS WITH ANGELS, TV Slovenija- RAI TV co-production, line producer, directed by Giorgio Albertazzi
1987_feature The BETROTHED, TV Ljubljana-RAI TV co-production, directed by Salvatore Nocita
         _feature film EVA, line producer, directed by Franci Slak
1986_feature film TIME WITHOUT TALES, line producer, directed by Boštjan Hladnik
1985_feature film LOVES OF BRANKA KOLAK, line producer, directed by Boris Jurjaševič