Thirty-year-old Senada tries to find peace after the war.  In the whirlwind of the conflict, she has been separated from her then two-year-old daughter, who has since been listed as missing.  But Senada refuses to give up her search.  She locates her daughter again – the adopted daughter of German parents.

directed by                    Christian Wagner
screenplay by                Edin Hadzimahovic
cast                                Labina Mitevska, Senad Bašić, Katrin Sass ...
director of photography Thomas Mauch
editor                             Jens Klüber
music                             Konstantia Gourzi
sound designer              Rudi Preusser
art directors                    Duško Milavec, Otto Kinzer
costume design              Gudrun Schretzmeier
make-up-artist                Tina Šubic Dodočič, Silke Schöpfer
production companies     Studio Maj (Slovenia), Christian WAGNER Film (Germany)

The film Warchild tells an authentic “search” story, and also addresses issues such as: the responsibility of parents (biological or adoptive) toward their children; the victory over self-interest; road to selfdiscovery; and the long-term effects of war. Important timely material, and conflicts relevant to Central Europeans. As a result of the expansion of the European Union, Central Europeans will be dealing with many more such conflicts in the future.

FESTIVALS (selected)

Festival Slovenskega Filma 2006, Hamptons International Filmfestival 2006, Ljubljana International Filmfestival 2006 Biberacher Fimtage 2006 Thessaloniki International Filmfestival 2006 Kolkata film festival 2006 German Filmweek in London 2006 Opening film German Filmweek in Dublin 2006 Solothurner Filmtage 2007 Göteborg International Filmfestival 2007 Berlinale/German Cinema 2007 German Filmweek in Washington, 2007 Sofia International Filmfestival 2007 Philadelphia International Filmfestival 2007 Febio Film Festival Prague 2007 Bolzano Cinema / Bozner Filmtage 2007 Festival del Cinema Europeo, Lecce 2007 Minneapolis International Filmfestival 2007 German Filmweek in Tokyo 2007 Festival of German Films, Mannheim-Ludwigshafen 2007 "Lubuskie Lato Filmowe" Lagów, Poland 2007 Serbian Filmfestival, Novi Sad, Serbia 2007 Cambridge Film Festival, UK 2007 EU-Filmfestival, Tashkent 2007 German Filmfestival in Mexico 2007 Edinburgh International Filmfestival 2007 EU-Filmfestival, Johannesburg 2007 Millvalley International Filmfestival, USA 2007 Copenhagen International Filmfestival 2007 Molodist International Filmfestival, Kiev / Ukraine 2007 Rehoboth Film Festival USA 2007 Festival of European Film in Skopje 2007 German Filmweek in Singapore 2007 German Film Festival Pristina/KOSOVO 2007 Bursa International Silk Road Film Festival/Turkey 2007 Chennai International Filmfestival/India 2007 Poona International Filmfetsival / India 2008 Amnesty International Fimfestival Amsterdam 2008 German Filmweek in Budapest/Hungary 2008 German Filmweek in Bukarest 2008 Pune International Film Festival India 2008 Fronteras International Film Festival Colombia 2008 German Filmweek in Bangalore 2008 Latinamerican Filmfestival Lima 2008, Crossing the borders Filmfestival San Francisco 2008

Warchild has won a number of awards including the Bavarian Film Award (Special Jury Prize), Best Screenplay Montreal 2006, Audience Award Portoroz, and the Golden Olive Tree & Special Audience Award 2007 at European Filmfestival/Lecce.