On Martin's tenth birthday strange things start happening in the ancient forest. Even the friendly chestnut tree seems worried. A couple of strangers arrive from the city to live in Martin's house. Although the lonely Martin desired company for a long time, the newcomer girl Teah spells nothing but trouble as she ruthlessly invades his world. As if that were not enough, another disaster lurks on the horizon: malicious signs appearing on trees indicate the impending building of a motorway right through the heart of the magical forest. Can it be that the ancient trees will be cut for the sake of a new road? Magic and reality are inseparable in the forest. Is there a way to face reality and preserve the magic? What Martin needs most urgently is a true friend. Together they can fight for the survival of the forest. A big revelation awaits Martin on the road of this struggle: the source of magic resides not in the forest, but in the hearts of people.

directed by                        Hanna Slak                                          
screenplay                        Hanna Slak
cast                                   Nikolaj Burger, Pina Bitenc, Aleksander Krošl, Marko Mandič, Manca Dorrer,
                                         Tanja Šojić, Senad Bašić, Žan Marolt

director of photography    Karina Kleszczewska
editor                                Tomislav Pavlica
music                                Bartek Gliniak
sound design                    Hanna Preuss
art director                        Katja Šoltes
costume design                 Bjanka Ursulov
make up artist                   Tina Šubic Dodočić
producers                          Frenk Celarc, Dunja Klemenc, Piotr Reisch, Vinko Grubišič, Amra Bakšić Čamo
production companies       Gustav Film, Studio Maj, TV Slovenija (vsi Slovenija), SPI International Polska
                                          (Poljska),  Jadran Film (Hrvaška), SCCA/pro.ba (BiH)
Sarajevo Int. Film Festival 2007, Kids Film Fest (Beograd) 2007, Cottbus Film festival 2007, Int. Film Festival for Children (Moscow) 2008, Women Film Festival (Villnius) 2008, New Europe Film Festival (Edinburgh) 2008, East End Film Festival (London) 2008.

FESTIVAL SLOVENSKEGA FILMA, 2007 (best film, chosen by Slovenian film critics, best cinematography, best sound, best supporting actor).